Awareness: 1/23/2018

Yesterday I decided that I’ve completely had enough. I had a particularly stressful day, and when I got home my phone rang/vibrated/blinked nonstop. Every time I sat the thing down, I had a new person to contend with, and every time the phone chimed, I felt my chest tighten and my heart race. I felt like a rabbit, dying from heart failure in a constantly jostled cage. None of those phone calls or messages was urgent. All of it could wait until the following day. My cell phone is having a negative impact on my mental health. I feel like there are so many voices crowding into my private life from the outside. It seems like as soon as my mind is settled, a chime goes off and starts it running anew.

I deactivated all parts of my Facebook this morning. I turned off my email notifications. I set my do not disturb options on my phone. I turned off the light that blinks whenever someone has sent me a message. I turned off the always on display option that has little badges for notifications. My cell phone is now a brick that vibrates only when a few, select people send me a text message or call between six in the morning and six in the evening.

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