Awareness: 2/19/2018

My Facebook has been completely deleted, and I’ve been continuing my conscious efforts to limit my news consumption to a level that is reasonable and doesn’t compel me to check my news feeds ceaselessly.

I’ve noticed a major positive change in my family. Children (and adults for that matter) learn primarily through imitation. I made a change for myself and the rest of my house took notice and made a change as well. Now they help to hold me accountable, and they participate in my activity because they see the way that it has had a positive impact on my life. The absence of social media in my life has given me a greater ability to remain primarily within my sphere of influence.

I’m learning that anxiety, at least for me, is caused not so much by an issue, but in the failure to act or be capable of action concerning a problem. Anxiety is an intuitive warning that there is something in our environment that is dangerous and neglected- a child suddenly withdrawn, a wife coming home late, a new supervisor whispering nearby and glancing around. We recognize the signs of coming tragedy or upheaval and we choose to take action or not. Those of us who choose not to take action become anxious because the threat has not been dealt with. The environment still causes anxiety. But if the same person takes action, addresses the issue, engages in conflict if necessary, and reaches resolution, may have acute anxiety as a result of conflict, but the anxiety has an end. Furthermore, conflict provides a sense of control. Avoidance provides a feeling of powerlessness and breeds resentment.


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